Monday, May 07, 2007

Heart is ... 마음이...

Video Shop Ajumma: Aini ah, This one must watch hor.
Aini : Alamak ! About Dogs ah?
Ajumma : Ya, but, this story very sad one. Dog story also can cry.
Aini : Sure or not?
Ajumma : You watch , ok?
Aini : Ok lor...

So, here I am blogging about this movie. *sniff* Excuse me while I blow my nose *sniff*

Remember the boy whose grandmother used a bowl to cut his hair? And at the end, he found The Way Home (집으로)? Well, our 유승호 has grown into a good looking young man. He reminds me so much of 조승우- the younger version.

유승호 should win an award for his awesome performance. I can just imagine , 5 years from now, his agent/manager will be busy perusing over movie and drama deals.

And 김향기 is like the miniature version of 임수정. So cute, such a fine young actress. Short scenes with her, but lasting effects she has on me.

As a mother, I do not understand how their mother could abandon them like that, and has no care whatsoever whether they live or die.

And the dog. THE DOG! Aiyo.....what a poor thing.

The storyline reminded me so much of Oliver Twist, with a Korean twist (puns intended).

Watch it with your kids/nephews/nieces/boyfriends.

Oh, and don't forget the popcorn and the dog food.