Saturday, March 31, 2007

My Name Is Kim Sam Soon (내 이름은 김삼순)

I watched My Name is Kim Sam Soon like ages ago. I finally decided to rewatch it today - coz my friend borrowed my Spring Waltz (sob sob).

I was impressed by the sheer vulnerability potrayed by Sam Soon( and 김선아), and all women of all ages and sizes could FINALLY identify with the heroine's predicament and dilemmas. This drama and of course, Bridget Jones. *happy thoughts about darcy*

That was also the first time I saw Daniel Henny's acting. He was raw, too good looking for my liking AND he can't speak Korean . "What is this?" I thought to myself. The least you can do is learn the language, right? Well, thank goodness, he heard me. His acting and Korean in Spring Waltz was way much better.

I had the same thought about 김현정. I thought she laughed too much in Sam Soon. And cried too much too.....but when I watched her in Star, I realised that her smile and tears are her signatures. So, watching Sam Soon again, this time....I kinda like her now.

D'ya notice how I did not mention 현빈 until now? Why? because I thought he was kind of ....what's the word......woody in this drama. I couldn't see much emotions in his face. He looked the same when he's angry, thinking, happy, just woke up, sleepy, in the toilet. But But But...I am glad that he improved tremendously in Millionaire. So much better there.

This drama also introduced me to 김선아. I think she;s a brilliant actress. She was believable in S-Diary, tough in She's On Duty *happy thoughts about Gong Yoo*,

Remember the 8 reasons why women of a certain age can't find the right man? Here's the list , credit to Mauwy.

No 1 Nice men...are ugly
No 2 Good looking men...are jerks
No 3 Good looking and nice men...are married
No 4 Good looking, nice and unmarried men...are useless
No 5 Good looking, nice, unmarried and rich men...are not interested in us
No 6 Good looking, nice, unmarried, rich men who are interested in us....are flirts
No 7 Good looking, nice, unmarried, rich men who are interested in us and faithful...are gay
No 8 Good looking, nice, unmarried, rich men who are interested in us and faithful and heterosexual and would not lose interest in us even if we are the one who make the first moves...these men must be crazy!

Anyway, If you have not watched this drama, please head on to the nearest video shop ajumma. It's a must see. It's a one of a kind, brilliant drama. Spoiler: The other guy and the other girl ACTUALLY got together at the end! How rare is THAT??

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Spring Waltz

I love the packaging, don't you?

Beautiful Covers and Photos. Lovely.

I have decided that Spring Waltz deserves a separate, individual posting because I LOVE THIS DRAMA!!!!!!

So , why do I love this so much? Is it the storyline, is it the actors/actresses?

Actually what I like about this drama (and some others) is the numerous scenes where long, yearning looks and stealing glances between the chocolate brownie and the girl. Argh! I am such a sucker for these romantic components in a drama.

Like I have said before I love the above scene. You know, the crossed-paths scenes, He's there, she's there , but they missed each other.

And OMG, Austria looked SO attractive and romantic. The only other thing I know about Austria was a nun called Maria and the Colonel Von Trapp, singing on the hills of Saltzburg. But this drama showed us a more romantic and softer side of Austria. Must remember to add this country on my 20th wedding anniversary "to visit" list.

OK lah...stop throwing eggs at me. To be fair, Daniel Henney has improved - both his Korean and his acting. I actually felt sorry for him. Spoiler: The video shop ajumma said that she's disappointed that Daniel didn't get the girl. Apart from the fact that he had to say cheezy lines, he was believable as a peach-crusted Vanila and cream cheesecake.

And, after watching again and again, I now understand why the drama worked like it did and why they chose 서도영 . The character that 서도영 acted as requires someone who's not as good looking as Daniel, and someone who possesses a brooding-I-dun-care-about-the-world characteristic . Hmm...what can I say? I love Chocolate Brownies.

And don't you get me started on the OST - BRILLIANT!
I found out that the song 수호 춘사 is actually a remake of Lost Without Your Love by Bread.

And of course, 우리 경오빠 도 이 노래를 불렀는데요 - 계절이 돌아오듯이. Ah....such beautiful voice...

Music Video from Spring Waltz. Video Credit liqwidhalo.

Monday, March 26, 2007

The Four Seasons

Yup, I have completed all the 4 seasons of Endless Love Series by Director 윤석호. It took me so long to finally watch the Spring Waltz, but it was all perfect. I must say that the use of children in this drama was like watching Fashion 70's altogether - because of the 2 boys- what's his name and what's his other name.

I completed my 2-day marathon (started at 10pm last night, ended at 3 pm this afternoon) and I am going to watch it again. Although oppa factor is 0 to me, I like the storyline- I am a sucker for chocolate brownies.

Let's compare all the 4 seasons:

Autumn in My Heart (가을동화)2000
oppa factor -What oppa? (송승헌- argh....can't stand him)
babe factor - 8

llness - Cancer
story-line - Argh! Make up your mind already Joon Suh!...NEXT!
ending- I'd rather watch my toenails grow. NEXT!

To buy or not to buy - NEXT!

Winter Sonata (겨울연가) 2002
oppa factor -"Yujin ah".....10 (although I don't particularly like 배용준)
babe factor - What babe factor?

Illness - Amnesia, Blindness
story-line - believable, and yearningly captivating.
ending- It was worth waiting for...Joon Sang ah...
To buy or not to buy : Are you kidding? This si the mother of all dramas. OF COURSE you;ve gotta have it in your collection. DVD extras- NGs and interviews.

Spring Waltz (봄의왈츠)2006
oppa factor -What oppa? (Sorry, even Daniel Henney can't up the rating)
28.3.07: Amendment: I take back what I said about the men in this drama. Suh Do Yeong - He's kinda's just that in this drama he rarely'd give it an 8, after watching this drama 3 times now.

babe factor - 7 -한효주 - she's good. Reminds me of 한지혜 .

Illness -A Hole in the Heart
story-line - I like the slow, yearning, wanting.....waiting...
ending- Kinda cliche-ish, I am afraid.
To buy or not to buy: Buy. Extras in DVD - press conference interview

Summer Scent (여름향기) 2003
oppa factor -Argh!!! NEXT!!
babe factor - 5

Illness - Heart disease / transplant
story-line - too much indecisiveness for my liking. NEXT!
ending- Next!

To buy ot not to buy - NOT!

Friday, March 23, 2007

First "Fan-meeting" session

Well.....actually no lah. Only it's just Blurgal Wendy and me. It's the first time we've met, too, although we've been in touch and talking about Kyung, and also planning the ssksgp. We had breakfast while watching slideshow of SSK gallery. How nice, right?

It's good to FINALLY have someone to talk to about SSK. I wished Tumbly Anne was there with us.

Anyway, we went over to the Esplanade to get tickets to the Phantom of the Opera. Tickets are selling out already for all the performances from tonight all the way till 13 May. I managed to get good tickets for the 10th May performance. It's gonna be a surprise for my 9-year old daughter, who can actually sing all the songs in the musical.

If you haven't got yours, GET IT NOW!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Best of Sung Si Kyung

Finally in my hands! This is the perfect initiation CD for new SSK fans.
If you have just found out how beautiful his voice is, and want to know more, I would recommend this album. It's got all the hits - and then some. BUT, BUT hor...I am so disappointed that 감동 song is not included here. Neither is 내게 오는 길.

If you're already a fan, and have all his albums, get this one anyway, coz it's worth the keep, especially listening to him singing in Japanese (frankly, he sounds like he's singing in Korean...heh heh....lovely).

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Red Hot Chilli Pepper

Ja got me these from Seoul for 6500won (about $11) for 200g for me. Thanks, Ja.
I was first introduced to these little buggers when I was in Namdaemun Market with Spicebear. And there's no looking back after that.
I usually replenish my stock from Lotte Mart - for about $7.50 per 100g or was it 200g? (if I am not mistaken - got disclaimer here, hor). I will check this week when I visit the ajumma again.
Anyway, I use it for with my omelette, with my nasi goreng, with my kimbap, with my soup, my this, my that. Can't live without it.
Even my son asks for "Korean chili" whenever I cook anything.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

In search of his CDs?

Well, I have been to a few CD shops , big and small. If you can find Sung Si Kyung's CD in the Regional Artiste section, you can count yourself very lucky.

Found this at HMV City Link Mall.
His 3rd Album, Double Life. Sigh.
So if you're still searching for this album to complete your collection, please head down there. Only 1 copy left on the shelves. Perhaps I should stock up on his CDS and sell them to new fans at cost price? Hmmm......

UPDATE: (17.3.07)
Sorry people, this CD is no longer available, coz one of my readers, has bought it after reading this blog. And by the way, the "Remake" Album at HMV Hereen is also gone, hor.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Ya hor....Singlish So Shiok, one

My Korean Drama Course teacher, Ms Ong Wann is currently pursuing her Masters Degree at Kyung Hee University. She wrote this article about Singlish.

Dis one, must read hor. I love her examples. LOL.

If you're not a Singaporean, and want to know more about Singlish, HERE's a good site to visit.


Last night, a scene in Mr Park:

Aini : Dear , listen to this new CD.

(Aini puts Park Hyo Shin's 5 into the car stereo. Mr Park vroomed with glee coz he LURVEs good music)

The hubby : Errrr......who is this?
Aini : Park Hyo Shin.
The hubby :Sung Si Kyung sings better...

And at that moment, Aini's heart beat so fast, did somersaults and fireworks filled both her lungs.........FINALLY.....a stamp of approval from the husband. I can rest now...

Sung Si Kyung lives!!

Monday, March 12, 2007

아랑 know what, not only does the movie freak me out, the Movie Site freaked me out too! A while ago, I blogged about interesting and creative movie sites. This is no different.

It's been a while since I last saw a good Korean horror movie. This one was freakish, and heart-stopping, especially the Ring-like / Juon-like crawling under the table scene. And the tree thing. You know about pontianak and their squatting-in-the-tree thingy? Well...SCREAM!

이동욱was ok in this movie. But I thought 송윤아 outshone him here. She was cool and collected, delivered the emotions as if she was living it.

The Salt House where strange things happen.....

Watch it.

Ps : I will probably not see "Salt" in the same way again.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Park Hyo Shin and Lee Eun Joo

Got these in the mail today from my friend Ja in Seoul.

Park Hyo Shin has a new face and a new album. Not many singers can say that in one sentence. I have always liked Park Hyo Shin since I heard his song, 좋은사람 a couple of years ago. I have his Neo Classicism CD, which is essentially a remake of classics and then some, I think.

THIS album I like. I love all the songs.

He looks so pretty now. I am slowly beginning to like his new pretty mouth. Haha

Next, Lee Eun Joo's Tribute Album. 2 reasons for buying this :

1. I love Lee Eun Joo - I miss her movies and dramas. I miss her unique voice, and the mole on her face.

2. Look closely in the photo below. Do you see that no. 5 track? Yup - Sung Si Kyung pays his tribute to her too in this album.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Dating Now

Yup, watching this now.

Oppa factor = infinity

There are lots of good actors here (all new at that time) like Kwon Sang Woo, So Ji Sup etc... but my eyes are focused only on this guy. Ha Ha...Will update later.

OK, here goes the review. Kyungie only appears in the first episode so far. Although he has lots of exposure and scenes in episode onw, the rest of the drama is should I put this in a politically correct manner.......err.......well, if you have not watched it, don't make a bee-line to the video shop.

By the way, Kyungie is quite an actor.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Are we ready?

With the recent news of tremors being felt in some parts of Singapore, I wonder if we are ready for a calamity. Are we Singaporeans? The quake was in Padang, Sumatra.

2 years ago, I prepared READY BAGS for my family in case there's a national emergency. I prepared lists and tags and emergency booklets for some of my friends, only to be laughed at for being "kiasi" (Click here for link to Singlish Dictionary for the meaning of "Kiasi")

A couple of days ago, I rechecked and repacked the BAGS to replenish expired food items. I guess it also served as a security blanket for a peace of mind, more than anything else. But, are we ready?

Sunday, March 04, 2007

무슨 영화/드라마 볼까?

I need your suggestion as to what I should watch next. Any good dramas that you'd recommend I watch? Well, I love a tear-jerker with a happy ending.
So, what would you suggest?

Friday, March 02, 2007

18 Vs 29

The actress looks a bit like Fann Wong (unfortunately for her) from certain angles. Apart from that, the drama was quite warm and pleasing. And the actor looks like 정우성 (lucky him).

I thought 류수영 looked too perfectly plastic at first. But he sort of grew on me as a man who finally fell in love with his wife again. So sweet.

I like the scene where 박선영's character watched Winter Sonata and cried hard saying " So, Bae Yong Joon also had amnesia!" LOL.

This drama made me think of Shin and Chae Gyeong - Dun ask me why. HA HA....perhaps it's the "Married but not really Married" formula thingy. I love these kind of dramas.

If only we can all get second chances in love.....

BY the way, I thought the brother was cute. 이상우. The deaf guy. They should give him more scenes. Really.

Anyway, will post more. I am still watching Episode 5.

Update : 3.3.07

Finished my marathon at 4 am. Spicebear will probably scold me for sleeping so late. But since she loves this drama too, she'll probably forgive me.

Anyway, the drama is so nice, and warm. Confession: I never liked female actresses or singers. But this actress grew on me too, just like 정려원 in 어느 별에서 옸니. 박선영's character in this drama is fun and naive, but she developed into a matured woman (in feelings and in outlook of life) at the end.

I love the way the married couple fell in love again, given a second chance to show their love for each other, after years of loneliness. Much like Alone in Love. except that to me, Alone In Love is much richer in substance and the directing is SO MUCH better, and the acting is Superb.

I don't quite like Park Eun Hye's character. And I think she's so unsuitable to play the evil other woman. My daughter said that Park Eun Hye's too nice to play an evil woman's character. I guess my daughter was referring to her role in 대장금. Everybody loves Janggeum's best friend, 맞죠?