Friday, May 25, 2007

Too Beautiful to Lie 그녀를 믿지 마세요

I was bored. I had nothing to watch. And I had tonnes of clothes to iron. So, this movie served its purpose this afternoon. And I was glad that I rewatched it.

It's barely a month since I completed Kang Dong Won's drama 1% of Something. And after rewatching this movie, I concede with utmost conviction that he IS kinda cute lah. Good actor and Funny.

This is a quirky movie, reminded me so much of The Bad Family and The Quiet Family 조용한 가족 . It's the wonderful combination of fine acting by the supporting casts and a simple story line that made this movie enjoyable.

The sounds of cicadas in the background of the movie, set to be in a summer, brought back fond memories of my time in Seoul last Summer. Those noisy Little buggers!

I dunno why Kang Dong Won keeps getting geeky roles - cold it be his simple and unassuming kampong boy face? Could it be his hairstyle? Could it be his voice. No matter what the reasons are, I am glad there is a geek that is pleasing to the eyes.

I have no complaints about Kim Ha Neul. I've always liked her. Period.

If you have not seen this movie, watch it on a lazy Saturday afternoon. Sure to brighten up the weekend.

4 popcorns.
Note: This will be my last post till I return from my trip.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Epitome of A Happy Family Life

I took a break this morning from my *ahem* "hectic" Kyungie lifestyle to visit an old friend, Mrs Kawano. Her apartment is SO HUGE, I could actually rollerblade in it, while overlooking Sentosa Island.

It was good to meet up after so long - 10 years. And amazingly, I could ACTUALLY remember some Japanese phrases. But here's how the conversation sounded like with my Korean-filled brain:

Mrs Kawano : Would you like some Juice?
Aini : ...I mean はい.

Mrs Kawano : Aini, can you eat Bread Talk cake?
Aini : 아뇨. 안돼요...I mean だめね.

Mrs Kawano : Aini, do you like to exercise?
Aini: Ah...싫어요....of course not! *^^*V

It was interesting., nonetheless.

I am so happy to hear that the 3 kids have now grown up to be beautiful and handsome young ones. Yukiko is getting married at the end of the year. Wah.... such an accomplished family.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Sung Si Kyung's Acoustic Live & Talk - Japan Concert 29 Apr 2007 (Full Report)

- by Anne Chow aka Tumbles .

The pre-show kicked off with a practice verse of the b-day song in Korean. Hangeul lyrics scrolled on the big screen to guide us, but we didn't need any help. We kept perfect time, literally over a thousand female voices rallied in unison. heh, a few more male voices would have made a fuller chorus, more balanced harmony.

Following our quickie rehearsal, SiKyung's upbeat Everyday Birthday streamed in the festive background. What an appropriate start. Everyone kept their eyes locked on the stage as we eagerly waited for SSK to pop out. Those 10 mins of increasing anticipation crawled by slowly, but the moment eventually came ...lights out! As soon as SSK stuck his foot out, the crowd erupted in wails and shrieks (I did my part \^O^/).

He strolled out in a white sports jacket over a soft pink shirt and dark relaxed jeans that looked 2 sizes too big. He wore simple horned-rims ~~classy! Right away he jumped into 여우야interrupted a few times by our excited outbursts ~woooweee. Before he went into his next song, he turned from us and headed for the water bottle. While he drank from it, we clapped and yelled and cheered! hahaa~ it just felt like the right thing to do.

He encouraged our excitement by gesturing with the bottle in between gulps. From that point on, we cheered every time he went for a sip and then laughed at ourselves afterwards. ahhh, it felt so gud to be among my fellow kyungies V^o^V.

Photo copyright (c) Anne Chow "Tumbles". Apparently Anne risked her life ^^ taking this photo at the Concert. We at ssk.singapore truly appreciates her brave and calculated move. BRAVO ANNE!!

The 2nd song was his eternal crowd-pleaser 좋을텐데. As in all his live-audience performances of that song, he directed the mike at us so we could fill in the title parts. It's actually more thrilling than it appears on TV.

After we chimed in the final "좋을텐데", he applauded and thanked us ~aww, how polite. Then he introduced himself and spoke in fluent Japanese (heck, even sounded native to ignorant me). He must have said something witty because the audience was roaring. My mom and I sat next to some really active and unrestrained fans. Too bad I couldn't understand what they were trying to tell me. They even prepared heart-shaped signs and glittery posters constructed from Sikyung's portraits.

The next songs were I Believe, 두사람, 그대 내맘에 들어오면, and 넌 감동이었어.(Aini:" favourite song!"*faints*) .

In between, he would say a few lead-in words for the following song, mainly to explain its sentiments, significance, arrangements, etc. He spoke mostly in Korean with the help of a translator who would come dashing out at SSK's beckoning. At times, he spoke directly in Japanese, to the delight of the local crowd. I, on the other hand, was left bewildered >_<. By the 7th song, Desperado, I had waved my purple glowstick to the point of exhaustion ^^; His version is by far the most passionate I have ever seen, it's also a perfect showcase for his versatile voice. Next up was 내게 오는 길. He tried to introduce his "debut song" in Japanese but couldn't stumble thru the words. Someone in the front row clued him in and was rewarded with a generous hug!!! (Aini:*faints* again!) This is the song that defined SSK, so naturally we swayed our bright wands and joined in the singing. We missed a word here and there, but who cares, right? During intermission, the screen showed clips of him composing in the back seat of a van while dancing his fingers as if playing a piano. I think those scenes are cuts from the new Samsung Yepp video.

Photo Copyright: Haruki Shimokoshi - taken off Oasis Japan

The stage was now arranged like a stripped-down mock radio set consisting of some basic broadcast furnishings ~ simple writing desk, a few chairs, wired microphones, and lighted “on air” sign in the backdrop for ambiance. Blue Night’s familiar “logo song” signaled the start of the 2nd half…

푸른밤이여 날 데려가주렴 이곳엔… …[푸른밤 그리고 성시경] 입니다

SSK re-emerged in fashionable red & black frames, casual white graphic tee and relaxed denims. His gray suit jacket looked like a good idea, but it wasn’t properly tailored for those long arms and broad shoulders ~such injustice to his physique! hmm, perhaps it’s time to consider new coordinators/stylists. Nevertheless, he still looked ubber good. Once again, we welcomed him with full enthusiasm ~~WOOOeee.

As in his nightly broadcasts, DJ Sung engaged his naturally temperate tone and read a long, deep passage that concluded with “사랑을 말하다”.

Then came the interactive fanmeeting, a segment apparently modeled after his regular 클럽 다크서클 radio feature. Instead of chatting with callers on the line, he plucked out 3 audience members (pre-selected based on their S.O.S letters) on stage for one-on-one sessions to address their various relationship issues.

Here is where his boyish charm stands out. He gently teased his guests and sneaked in a few witty jokes between consultations. At the end of each discussion, our thoughtful host stretched out his inviting arms and sent each off on a warm hug of encouragement! Each time, we squealed in both delight and envy. hey, what issues?! A single blissful embrace from SSK is enough to bring world peace! ~heh

One VIP guest he greeted on stage was none other than Kim Hyung Suk, whom he had presented briefly earlier in the concert. Ah, kpop’s midas who made the Sung Si Kyung of today, a practical fixture in Sikyung’s music career from the very beginning. Of course, I joined in saluting this great mentor with applause. Someone then brought out a small white cake topped with some number of lit candles. We know what that means ~time to review our pre-show warm-up. Again, we offered our tune of congrats, this time accompanied by KHS on keyboard and our own timed clapping.

생일 축하합니다~ 생일 축하합니다~ 사랑하는 우리시경~ 생일 축하합니다 ~ woooweee~yay
Not an overwhelming masterpiece (remember, limited resource of tenors & basses), but still worthy of the bright angelic smile we got as reward. Then with his powerful singer lungs, SSK drew in a huge gulp of air and blew out all the candles in one long continuous whiff! He bowed and expressed his appreciation in both Japanese and Korean. The talk show wrapped up, it’s back to acoustic live…

Kim Hyung Suk took to the piano to perform brilliantly what he described as his favorite instrumental piece. Then SSK, perched on a stool on center stage, returned with a beautifully rendered Japanese ballad. A bright spotlight was aimed at him in the completely dark stage. Its effects brought on a hushed awareness in the normally energetic crowd.

I didn’t catch the song title or name of original artist, but the lyrics starts with “Tonight…”. Ideas, anyone?? I hope he includes it in a future album. After that came 오, 사랑 (simple guitar accompaniment) and 우린 제법 잘 어울려요.

In between, he humbly remarked that he lacks the dancing skills of Bi/Rain and doesn’t have the body to compare either ~awww. In the middle of the performance, he surprised us when he broke out into awkward hops and un-rhythmic steps ~obviously improvised. hahaaa, was he trying to moonwalk too?? aah, the things he would do for his fans! Since Sikyung dances are rare treats, we showered him with cheers of approval. What a refreshing sight indeed!

After things calmed down, he stood in front of us with some final words. He tapped his stomach and promised to drink less and exercise more. ^o^V He told us the decision about enlisting is still up in the air, but he plans to release one more vol around end of this year. He also said he’ll return to Japan again. The crowd rejoiced at the news while I wanted to leap up and shout “go farther!!!” But I already have a black mark for that exclusive snapshot >.<

Someone then started a chain of saranghae’s. I echoed at the top of my voice…”SARANG HAE!!” A male voice at the top level countered “너무멌있어요!”(Translation: Very good looking!). SSK let out a bashful chuckle. With that, he left the stage.

We tried to coax him back by chanting his name over and over again ~Sung Si Kyung…Sung Si Kyung… SUNG SI KYUNG... We must have repeated his name 15-20 times but he finally came back out ~whew. He gave his encore song 거리에서 everything he had left ~such heartfelt emotions. He closed his eyes and immersed himself in the words. I was trying to live for the moment, knowing this is my last glimpse for a very long time. He hit the final notes and walked off the stage.

Lights on…

Baeutiful Anne and Beautiful Kyung......Anne, I want that poster
Photo copyright (c) Anne Chow "Tumbles".
Anne and Kyung (err....his poster)...and a bunch full of Kyung souvenirs.....We want!

Aini: "Aw..........부럽다......" Dear Anne, Thanks for the extensive, detailed (squeals and all) coverage of D-Day. We could actually visualize the whole session as if we're next to you - purple neon sticks and all.

Note: All Videos uploaded by Tumbles except "내게 오는 길" (uploaded by Blurgal35)

Friday, May 18, 2007

Old Friends

A couple of days ago, I received an email from an old friend. Back during my university days, I had the chance to tutor 3 wonderfully cute and smart Japanese children - Yukiko, Chiharu and Kotaro. I taught them English, they taught me respect, love and the beauty of Japanese culture - and Japanese vocabulary too ^^.

The kids are all grown up now. Yuki is getting married apparently. Wow..Has it been THAT long ago?

Anyway, thinking about old time made me recall how Mrs Kawano would serve me mugicha and snacks everytime I was at their home. Each tuition session was interesting. I have not seen them since they left in 1995.
I'd better revise some of my Japanese phrases again.

May 18th

Today Iman turns 9 years old. Happy Birthday Iman!

Here is a list of events happening on her Birthday :

The Great King Sejong died in 1450 . He invented the Hangeul System, amongst many other inventions during his rule.

The Gwangju Massacre on early morning of May 18th 1980. Err….getting quite depressing… let’s move on to happier thoughts of the day.

Well, Chow Yuan Fatt turns 52 today, and “Welcome to Singapore” he said to Cpt Jack Sparrow. I grew up watching his Hongkong dramas in the late 70's and early 80's.

Annnddddd.... Ta da!! Shrek 3 opens today!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Bloggers in Singapore

Recently I was having frustrating days being unable to post/edit post/setting etc. I had no one to turn to except Blogger Help Group.

And from there, I was so lucky to have been lead to Peter Chen and his Blogger-Tricks, who gave me advice and tips on trying to resolve the problem.

I was also really impressed with the Blogger Team for their prompt reply and help. Less than 24 hours later, my blog is back to normal. Apparently lots of Singaporean experiencing the same problem.

So, if you have any technical problem's with your blog, first visit Peter to get some tips (and then some), before contacting the Blogger Team. I also found the Blogger Help Group very useful.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Pease Porridge Hot...

Pease Porridge Cold.

My Oppa has been having a "Porridge Phase" these days. So, I have been making plain porridge, chicken porridge, fish porridge, vegetable porridge, bubur asyura, bubur itu, bubur ini.

Tonight's Aini's Fish Porridge with Peanuts special. Served with sideddissh of fried achovies and tofu in sambal (chilli)

Hmmm...I have been googling on recipes for porridge from around the world, trying to get creative.

I even tried the porridge that Sam Soon cooked for Hye Jin when the latter was sick. I am thinking of trying the porridge that Young Jae cooked for Ji Eun in their Full House.

Ji Eun enjoying her "get-well-coz-i-love-u" porridge

Now, why is it that Korean Men in dramas can't cook much or do housework, but when their wife/girlfriend are sick, they suddenly know how to make the perfect porridge?

Anyway, if you have any wonderful family recipes (tried and tested) and wanna share with me, please let me know. I am running out of ideas what kind of porridge to cook tomorrow.

Pease-porridge hot,
Pease-porridge cold,
Pease-porridge in the pot,
Nine days old;
Some like it hot,
Some like it cold,
Some like it in the pot,
Nine days old.

The Angel of Music

Boy! What a night it was.

It was nothing like the production that my oppa and I attended 12 years the Kallang Theatre.

No words can describe the feeling.

Iman's early Birthday Present

Monday, May 14, 2007

1% of Something 1%의 어떤것

3 years ago, my friend Eun Sook told me that Kang Dong Won 강동원 was so popular with women in Korea because he was "cute".

I said to her " Huh? Cute meh? Where got!"

I thought he looked geeky and “kampung” in Too Beautiful To Lie - 그녀를 믿지 마세요 .

Then, I saw him in Temptation of the Wolves 늑대의 유혹 , and I said to myself : "Whoa". OK lah I concede. He's cute in a geeky sort of way. Still not the hero material of my taste, but his height sorta made up for the lack of ..... mmm....hero material lah.

김정화 :Have you ever seen a more beautiful Korean woman actress? Natural or plastic, she's beautiful. She was beautiful in Spy Girl 그녀를 모르면 간첩. She was beautiful in Snow White 백설공주 . And she was even more beautiful in this drama.

I can't say much about the 25-episode (*yawn*) drama. It's too long, too long-winded, too winding, too many characters, too many couples.....WAYYYY too much for me to handle. I can only take as much as 16 episodes. Ok lah, even 20 episodes of good plot and good acting is ok. But this one.........

First of all, I think this is an old drama - shot in 2003? Am I right? So, some of the actors/actresses were making their debuts in this drama. So, I dun really blame them. It's the screenwriters......I was going like "Oh..get on with it already" most of the time. I am so thankful for the invention of the Forward button on remotes.

This drama is about a man whose conniving grandfather made sure that he got into a relationship with a woman of grandpa’s choice, or he won’t get a single cent of grandpa’s large empire. Grandpa hoped that the woman would tame the man , and teach him some manners and lessons in life. What turned out to be a contractual relationship became a real romance. There are 2 other couples in the drama, I call them “sidekicks”. There were some nice moments here and there. But it was way too long for my liking. Read the review and synopsis here .

So, I would 1% of Something give 1 popcorn.

Actually the only saving grace for me was Kim Jeung Hwa's beautiful face.


Han Hye-jin (한혜진) from Be Strong Geum Soon 굳세어라 금순아 played a secondary character in this onw. Of course her acting was kinda raw here. But, it was interesting to see how she has progressed in Geum Soon (Note to self: I should start watching this drama in full some day".

Im Ho (임호)from Daejanggeum also has a significant part in this drama. And..nope, he didn't look so kingly in this drama ^^.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Heart is ... 마음이...

Video Shop Ajumma: Aini ah, This one must watch hor.
Aini : Alamak ! About Dogs ah?
Ajumma : Ya, but, this story very sad one. Dog story also can cry.
Aini : Sure or not?
Ajumma : You watch , ok?
Aini : Ok lor...

So, here I am blogging about this movie. *sniff* Excuse me while I blow my nose *sniff*

Remember the boy whose grandmother used a bowl to cut his hair? And at the end, he found The Way Home (집으로)? Well, our 유승호 has grown into a good looking young man. He reminds me so much of 조승우- the younger version.

유승호 should win an award for his awesome performance. I can just imagine , 5 years from now, his agent/manager will be busy perusing over movie and drama deals.

And 김향기 is like the miniature version of 임수정. So cute, such a fine young actress. Short scenes with her, but lasting effects she has on me.

As a mother, I do not understand how their mother could abandon them like that, and has no care whatsoever whether they live or die.

And the dog. THE DOG! Aiyo.....what a poor thing.

The storyline reminded me so much of Oliver Twist, with a Korean twist (puns intended).

Watch it with your kids/nephews/nieces/boyfriends.

Oh, and don't forget the popcorn and the dog food.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Maiden Arabic Lesson

Writing in 한글 is easier than the arabic scripts

"La" means "아뇨", "Na'am" means "네/예"

Tonight, my husband and I atttended our first Arabic class. I must say, that Ms Bae and Ms Chi , and Ms Ong Wann's classes were much much more interactive and interesting.

Perhaps everyone was still new and shy. But not bad for a beginner - I could understand and read more than I thought I could.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Sue's Omurice

Fried rice in a wok

The final product-with salad on the side and fish balls to entice the kids

I tried this recipe that I got from the briliant My Korean Kitchen. I just made the rice spicier coz the hubby and kids love spicy food. And instead of ham (coz Muslims don't eat Pork), I substituted it with chicken sausages- diced)

Try it.