Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Best Romance 최강 로맨스

Um...I am not sure what to say about this movie.

Lee Dong Wook has not been acting much these days, but this movie does not do much to advance his career as a big movie star, at least not in my opinion. His last movie, Arang was kinda good, in a dark sort-of-way. But this movie......ummm......

Hyun Young - I have seen her in several TV programmes, but never in a movie. She reminded me so much of Goldie Hawn, funny and cute, and pretty. But I wish I could see her act in a more serious movie/drama. There were some scenes which required her to shed her cutesy, girly persona, and she was kinda good. But then again, Hyun Young won't be Hyun Young without her shrilly voice and cute mannerism, I suppose. So..

The Gist

Police Detective Kang has a phobia - anything to do with sharp things would make him freeze. This did not go well with his job as a man of the law. He's gotten into lots of hot soup because if his phobia.

Ironically, during a chase with a suspect, he bumped into Reporter Choi, who was eating a stick of odeng. As luck would have it, the stick accidentally found its way into Kang's abdomen, and so begins the love-hate relationship between Choi and Kang (Thus the Title of this movie).

Choi and Kang were reunited again when the former was given the chance to document police work in a documentary. What ensued were your usual hate-hate-turned to Love-hate-love kinda situation during the process.

Maybe.....this movie is kinda funny, kinda wierd, kinda "shrieky"....kinda funny (I said that already). It's slapstick, some parts of it. It's entertaining at some points, but I found my hands doing something other chores while I was watching it.

I give it 1.5 pop corns.

Watch it ONLY if you are a die-hard Lee Dong Wook fan (but then again, you might be disappointed). So, perhaps, you should give it a miss, unless it's showing on a lazy Saturday afternoon on Channel U in the near future.