Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Here In My Heart

As he makes his way towards the Enlistment Reporting Centre today, I'll have all the songs embedded in my heart. It's like saying goodbye to a good friend, an 오빠.
When I got the album from Alison a few days after she returned from the Concert in Daegu (Read her review here), I did not automatically rip open the plastic film covering the CD. I did not immediately put the CD into my car CD player. I took my time to do so.

Because I know that this album would have to last me for the next 2 years. Just like in any parting, you'd want the last gift to be lasting. That's why it took me a few hours before I could actually muster the courage to listen to all the songs.

I told Alison that I had the impression that this album was rushed - perhaps because Kyung was too busy. That was why I was so pleasantly surprised with the beauty that's present in each and every one of the songs. Call me biased. But if you appreciate a good voice, beautiful lyrics and simple, yet mesmerising music, you'd love this album too.
It's a beautiful parting gift. I dare say that I like this album better than The Ballads - perhaps because the songs are soothing and pleasing to the ears, and they fed my longing for these new songs for the past 2 years.
My favourite is 어디에도. Simply because of the simple , sincere lyrics. I can totally identify with what's written , having been there, done that . I dun think he'll have the time to sing this song live. I will try to make an MV of it. T-R-Y.
Anyway, if you have not gotten your copy, visit Lilac Dreams to check out where you can puchase your very own album.