Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Devil Beside You 惡魔在身邊

I know , I know, the photos look like they're from Why Why Love. That's because the 3 lead actors WERE from that drama. Except that this drama was like 2 years before the Why Why Love was shot.

I guess I was lucky to have watched Why Why Love BEFORE I watched this drama. Otherwise, I would have been put off watching any other Taiwan dramas. What's with all the snogging in almost every scene? I kept thinking "Whoa..... is snogging a favourite past-time for them?". I mean, in Korean dramas, even a peck on the cheek, or on the forehead is a big deal. What more SNOGGING!

I won't even go into the Gist of this drama, or the plot (what plot?). The script, the directing, the editing - oh, they are all oh so wrong! The only thing that kept me from returning this DVD to the videoshop was the chemistry between Rainie Yang and Mike He.

Hmm...Mike He...the epitome of Chocolate brownie- Cheesecake : Sinful, dangerous, but delicious. Need I say more?

Kingone Wang - I dunno if this was his first drama, but it looked it. He was kinda stiff, compared to his acting in Why Why Love. I won't mention the rest of the cast - it's not worth my typing effort.

I give this drama 1 pop corn - because of Mike He.
Don't watch this unless you're into snogging.

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