Saturday, December 24, 2011

Timing, 26 years & Apt

With these 3 series, my Kangfull Manhwa collection is complete. Happy Happy!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Seoul Winter 2011 (Hungry?)

When in doubt, SERTU!

We brought along the Sertu Soap this time so that we can use the utensils in the pantry of our Guesthouse. You can get this soap(bar or liquid type) from any Malay shops in Woodlands, geylang etc..

Gam Ro Dang Restaurant (감로당)
Today we went to Gam Ro Dang (Pronounced as "Gam-No-Dang") just behind the Gyeongbuk Palace. The Vegetarian restaurant is housed in an actual bungalow, with its own herb garden. It's 2-storey high, and delicious temple food is served. "Eh? Temple food?" you might say. yes, Temple Food but it's visually pleasing and delightful to eat (Might be a tad expensive at 23000 won per person for a 9-course meal).

But for Muslim tourists, I think it's the best way to taste authentic Korean food.

Just remember to call or email the manager at least 2-3 days in advance, as they would need time to prepare the courses.

Looks like Daejanggeum food

By subway, take to Gyeongbukgung Station exit 3. Walk pass by Dunkin Donut till you see Starbucks on your right. Turn right after Starbucks, walk about 1 minute into the alley and you will see the sign (in the photo above)

By Taxi, ask the driver to enter the address into the GPS, stop outside Starbucks and walk into the alley as mentioned above.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Seoul Winter 2011- First Day

Brrrrrr.....ccccoooolllldddd... The blast of icy cold winter wind hit our faces as soon as we stepped out into Incheon's welcoming greet. But we were prepared this time, becuase we heard that winter will be extremely cold this year in Korea. No snow seen yet though.
I lost my handy-dandy 2012 Cath Kidston diary with all the important stuff at Dongdaemun. THAT was the highlight of my first day.
We also found out that our favourite Mr Kebab Store has closed down ㅜ.ㅜ so Hongdae-ites can only get their Kebab from the Other Kebab-on-wheels Turkish ajosshi on Fri, Sat& Sunday evenings at the entrance of the Hongdae Station.
Here are snapshots from Day 1:
The Korean Immigration actually provide
reading glasses to aid in filling up forms

A lifesaver in this
sub-zero winter night (and day)

New boots for Iman and Me
55000 won each
My chocolate brownie
chilling outside Mister Donut
– literally and figuratively “chilling”
Street stalls in abundance.
Kalau tak kuat iman,
habis semua kita makan!
I used to pity those mascots
underneath the unbearably
hot costumes. But in this winter
weather, I wish I could be in
those warm,silly costumes
My sons-in-law

Saturday, December 03, 2011

이웃 사람

Another brilliant manhwa by Kangfull. This one reminds me of the movie I watched many years back 'The Bystanders', starring Eric.

This manhwa is bleak but like all other Kangfull manhwa, he focuses not on the evil that people do but on the goodness of humanity that comes out of such situation.

Synopsis & Review:
The woman was preparing dinner , when she heard the main door open. a young girl walked in , in wet, dirty and bloody high school uniform.

"I'm home", said the girl.

The woman ignored what she's heard and went on chopping the vegetable vigourously, as the girl quietly approached her. She could see the girl coming nearer from the corner of her eyes. But she did not respond to the girl.

The girl stopped, looked at the woman, turned around and walked towards her room, looking dejected.

Once she heard the room door closed, the woman turned to look towards the room and said "...Today, too". The next scene showed a TV news of a  girl found dead, inside a huge luggage....

As the title reads, It's about a group of neighbors who started out being individualistic in minding their own lives. When faced with extreme danger however, Kangfull tells us how they put their differences aside and banded together to bring back peace into their neighborhood.

The manhwa is full of suspense. You won't stop flipping the pages till the end. Read it.

Here's a glimpse of the first few pages via Kangfull's webtoon site: